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This page and subsequent articles are intended for use by registered Zoey Agency and Developer Partners.

Note: Zoey Customer Service can not support custom development work

Can I Edit Raw HTML?

The Zoey VDE utilizes design blocks called Components for building pages (called "layouts"). Components can be built by a developer with access to a development environment. Building components require knowledge of HTML (Handlebars), CSS (SASS), and JSON/XML for configuration building.

Can I Use My Own Style-Sheet Or Something Like Twitter Bootstrap?

You can not build layouts with bootstrap, but you can build components with any open-source asset or library.

Can I Add Any CSS, Javascript Or HTML That I Want?

Within the VDE our Asset Manager allows you to upload and edit CSS, JS or HTML files to be referenced on any page.

Here are our recommendations:


  • You can add any CSS for styling and decoration but avoid properties for positioning. Do not use: Position, Margin or Float.
  • (#pix-fe) is our front-end CSS namespace. You must use this for all added styles.
  • Media queries are different in Zoey. We use a parent class: media-d, media-t, media-m, and classes can be combined: media-dt or media-tm.


  • We still have protoype js on our front-end so any reference to $ will be calling prototype
  • We are natively running jQuery as well so you don't need to add it


  • We give you access to add HTML to the Body Start (just below the head) and Body End (just above the footer).

Can I Use Custom Fonts?

Yes, within the Asset Manager you can upload font files. The file needs to be .woff. The corresponding font will be accessible in the Theme Fonts & Colors tool for assigning to global classes.

I Need A Magento Module For A Project

Zoey is currently working on a developer SDK (called that will provide tools for converting Magento Apps.