Adding Sales Reps

Sales Rep are the members of your team added to your Teams > User List. They require a user license and can be given different permissions.


You must be the Account Owner or have adequate permission to Add/Assign Sales Reps.

Any and all users that can log-in to the Zoey Admin can be set as a Sales Rep for your Accounts, Customers, Quotes and Orders.

Adding a new Sales Rep follows the same process as adding any other user. Learn how to add a user

Sales Rep Role

When adding a user, you can select the "Sales Rep" role. You can view the details of the Sales Rep role in Team > Roles & Permissions.

By default your users assigned to the Sales Rep role will only have access to certain pages of your admin and will only see their own customers/accounts. This would be the customers and accounts with their user assigned as the default sales rep.

Sales Rep Mobile App Permissions

The Zoey Sales Rep Mobile App for iOS and Android allow your reps to place orders from their mobile device. To get your sales team started using the app:

  • Your Sales Rep Role must be set to allow login to the Mobile App
  • Your Sales Reps must be added to your Teams > User List
  • Your Sales Reps must have accepted their invitation to Zoey and have set their password to the Zoey Web Admin.