Full Order Data Export Data Mapper


The Full Order Order Data is commonly exported from the Orders Grid's Bulk Actions menu.


Using Zoey Data Mappers, you can create this same export file and export it according to schedule. Or manually export the file when its needed.

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This guide will assume that you have already created a Connection for the Data Mapper.

We'll be focusing on the CSV Columns and Zoey Values to use for mimicking the data provided by the Full Order Data export.

How to Create a Full Order Data Export with Zoey Data Mappers

Mapper Settings

  • The Zoey Object should be Order Items so that each Item is on its own row. This object selection allows us to export data related to the Order Items, and the Order itself.
  • Use Variation Attributes should be set to Yes so that the variations purchased will provide their attributes, rather than the parent product's attributes.
  • Whether to set Export Bundle Selections to Yes depends on if you would like individual bundled items to be included on the import. Leave it set to No if you want only the Bundled Product itself to be included on the export.


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Field Mapping

The Full Order Data export contains over 90 columns of data. But, only columns that serve your purposes need to be added. We've listed out all of the CSV Columns and Zoey Values to help you determine which values to select when creating this type of export.

Full Order Data Export Columns and Values

You can copy and paste from the table below into your Data Mapper fields!

CSV ColumnZoey Value
Order Number[Order] Increment Id (increment_id)
Order DateCreated At (created_at)
Order Currency[Order] Order Currency Code (order_currency_code)
Payments[Order] Payment Numbers (_payment_numbers_)
Payment Dates[Order] Payment Dates (_payment_dates_)
Shipments[Order] Shipment Numbers (_shipment_numbers_)
Shipment Dates[Order] Shipment Dates (_shipment_dates_)
Credit Memos[Order] Credit Memo Numbers (_credit_memo_numbers_)
Credit Memo Dates[Order] Credit Memo Dates (_credit_memo_dates_)
Sales Rep First Names[Order] Sales Rep First Names (_sales_rep_first_names_)
Sales Rep Last Names[Order] Sales Rep Last Names (_sales_rep_last_names_)
Sales Rep Emails[Order] Sales Rep Emails | separated (_sales_rep_emails2_)
Sales Rep User IDs[Order] Sales Rep User IDs (_sales_rep_user_ids_)
Created by Team Member[Order] Created By Email (_created_by_email_)
First Name[Order] [Customer] First Name (firstname | 5)
Last Name[Order] [Customer] Last Name (lastname | 7)
Order Status[Order] Status (status)
Order Purchased From[Order] Purchased From (_purchased_from_)
Order Payment Method[Order] [Payment] Method (method)
Credit Card Type[Order] Xp Card Data (xp_card_data)
Order Shipping Method[Order] Shipping Method Carrier & Title (_shipping_method2_)
Purchase Order Number[Order] [Payment] Po Number (po_number)
Order Subtotal[Order] Subtotal (subtotal)
Order Tax[Order] Tax Amount (tax_amount)
Order Shipping[Order] Shipping Amount (shipping_amount)
Order Discount[Order] Discount Amount (discount_amount)
Order Gift Card Discount[Order] Giftcard Discount (giftcard_discount)
Order Grand Total[Order] Grand Total (grand_total)
Order Base Grand Total[Order] Base Grand Total (base_grand_total)
Order Paid[Order] Total Paid (total_paid)
Order Refunded[Order] Total Refunded (total_refunded)
Order Due[Order] Total Due (total_due)
Total Order Weight[Order] Weight (weight)
Total Qty Items Ordered[Order] Total Qty Items Ordered (_total_qty_items_ordered_)
Is Admin Order[Order] Is Admin Order Yes/No (_is_admin_order_)
Order Placed By Staff Account[Order] Order Placed By Staff Account _placed_by_staff_account_
Coupon Code[Order] Coupon Code (coupon_code)
Invoice Sent[Order] Invoice Sent (_invoice_sent_)
Customer Name[Order] Customer First and Last Name _customer_fullname_
Customer Email[Order] Customer Email (customer_email)
Customer Group Id[Order] Customer Group Id (customer_group_id)
Customer Group[Order] [Customer] Customer Group Name _customer_group_name_
Account Name[Order] [Account] Name (name)
Account Location Name[Order] [Account Location] Name (name)
Account External ID[Order] [Account] External Id (external_id)
Account Location External ID[Order] [Account Location] External Id (external_id)
Shipping Name[Order] Shipping Address First and Last Name shipping_address_fullname
Shipping Company[Order] [Shipping Address] Company (company | 24)
Shipping Street[Order] [Shipping Address] Street Address (street | 25)
Shipping Zip[Order] [Shipping Address] Zip/Postal Code (postcode | 30)
Shipping City[Order] [Shipping Address] City (city | 26)
Shipping State[Order] [Shipping Address] State/Province (Abbreviation) (__region_abbr__)
Shipping State Name[Order] [Shipping Address] State/Province (region | 28)
Shipping Country[Order] [Shipping Address] Country (country_id | 27)
Shipping Country Name[Order] [Shipping Address] Country (ISO3) (_country_iso3_)
Shipping Phone Number[Order] [Shipping Address] Telephone (telephone | 31)
Billing Name[Order] [Billing Address] Name (_name_)
Billing Company[Order] [Billing Address] Company (company | 24)
Billing Street[Order] [Billing Address] Street Address (street | 25)
Billing Zip[Order] [Billing Address] Zip/Postal Code (postcode | 30)
Billing City[Order] [Billing Address] City (city | 26)
Billing State[Order] [Billing Address] State/Province (Abbreviation) (__region_abbr__)
Billing State Name[Order] [Billing Address] State/Province (region | 28)
Billing Country[Order] [Billing Address] Country (ISO3) (_country_iso3_)
Billing Country Name[Order] [Billing Address] Country (country_id | 27)
Billing Phone Number[Order] [Billing Address] Telephone (telephone | 31)
Recovered Abandoned Cart[Order] Is Recovered Abandoned Cart Yes/No (_is_recovered_abandoned_cart2_)
Zoey Order Comment[Order] Zoey Order Comment (zoey_order_comment)
Customer Comment[Order] Customer Comments _customer_comments_
Order Item Increment[FORMULA] Line Number (1 Digit) (ORD00008)
Item IDItem Id (item_id)
Item Name[Product] Name (name | 71)
Item StatusItem Status (_item_status_)
Item SKU[Product] SKU (sku | 74)
Item OptionsItem Options (item_options)
Attributes Visible In CartAttributes Visible In Cart (_attributes_visible_in_cart_)
Custom Option PricingZoey Custom Options Price (zoey_custom_options_price)
Item Original PriceBase Original Price (base_original_price)
Item PriceBase Price (base_price)
Item CostBase Cost (base_cost)
Item WeightWeight (weight)
Total Item WeightRow Weight (row_weight)
Item Qty OrderedQty Ordered (qty_ordered)
Item Qty BackorderedQty Backordered (qty_backordered)
Item Qty PaidQty Invoiced (qty_invoiced)
Item Qty ShippedQty Shipped (qty_shipped)
Item Qty CanceledQty Canceled (qty_canceled)
Item Qty RefundedQty Refunded (qty_refunded)
Item Tax PercentTax Percent (tax_percent)
Item TaxTax Amount (tax_amount)
Item DiscountDiscount Amount (discount_amount)
Item TotalRow Total (row_total)

Adding Custom Attributes to your Data Mapper

You can add many other Order Attributes and Customer Attributes to your export by searching for them in the Zoey Value.

Search for Custom Attribute in the Zoey Value field. Your custom attributes will be listed as either:

  • [Order] [Custom Attribute]
  • [Order] [Customer] [Custom Attribute]