Configuring ShipStation Order Statuses

ShipStation w/ACH Pending Review status


Instructions for configuring when ShipStation considers an order from Zoey to be Awaiting Shipment

Before reading on take a look at Order Flow. It is important to understand the flow of orders when considering shipping as it exists in that flow.


ShipStation looks to the Zoey Order Status to know whether an order is ready to ship.

After setting up our store in ShipStation Setting Up ShipStation you can decide what Zoey statuses should indicate that an order is Awaiting Shipment.

The status of an order can be different depending on the payment method. Unpaid, unshipped Orders are created as Pending. Orders paid at checkout using credit card capture or Stripe ACH will be set to Processing. You can configure which Order Status is applied by each payment method in Settings > Payment Methods. It is important that you know which status is applied to your orders and when so we can configure ShipStation to create the shipment.

[Stripe New Order Status](

Stripe New Order Status

Configuring ShipStation Status Mapping

Now that you know which status in Zoey is applied and when, we can tell ShipStation at which step to set the order as Awaiting Shipping.

  1. Find the Zoey Store you created within ShipStation. Navigate to Settings > Selling Channels. Edit the Zoey Store Details.
  2. Add the Zoey Status Code of the Order Status you would like to be Awaiting Shipment in ShipStation.
    1. You can find the Status Code in Orders > Order Status Settings
  3. You can now save your changes and create a test order!