Filter By Custom Attribute


Only attributes set to Dropdown or Multiselect can be used as filters.

If you are using the category layer view for your category pages, which serves as a filter to narrow down products, you can set which attributes are the filters.


Add Attributes As Filters

Go to your Zoey control panel Products > Attributes and open the attribute you want to set as filter, for example color.
You will see the following settings, from where you check the box Use in Category Filters:


Create A Sort Order For Category Filters


Top filters on sidebar navigation

Category and Price will always be the top filters. You won't be able to hide those or change the position for these two.

After you check the box to Use in Category Filters a new field opens.


Enter a numeric value, for example 3, to set the order of the attribute to be in third place (after Category and Price).

You will need to set a manual sort order number for each attribute.



At this time there is not an option to automatically set a sort order, such as alphabetically.