Import Troubleshooting


Configurable Products cannot have Required Custom Options

The following error appears: Product with specified super products SKU cannot have required options in rows: {....}

The error message is telling you that you cannot have a Customization that is Required on the Parent Product because if a Variation is selected that Required Custom Option won't appear.


The majority of import errors are related to user errors in the file, such as wrong format.

Make sure you are using the correct CSV headers and CSV file format. You can find multiple articles about CSV imports in our documentation.
Please make sure you review the errors and the documentation first before submitting a support ticket.

When you import a CSV file and you get error messages please keep these two things in mind:

  1. The CSV file header in the first row is not counted, which means that the actual "row 1" in the system refers to "row 2" in the CSV file.
  2. The errors always indicate where the problem is and you can compare the data in your CSV file with the data in your Zoey store.

For Example: If you get the error "Invalid product type in row 23" it refers to the wrong product type in row 24. You can go to your CSV file, check the product type in row 24 and see if it's an allowed value (e.g. "simple" or "configurable").

Common Import Errors

Error: column names have duplicates
Error: Product Type is invalid or not supported
Error: Skip import row, is not valid value "" for field "Type"
Error: Invalid value for 'tax_class_id'

More coming soon.