Copy Customizations From One Product To Others

If you are working with a product that has customizations and you want to apply these customizations to other products, you can do this with Bulk Actions.

Bulk Actions > Sync Customizations

Open your Product List from within your control panel and select the products you want to sync the customizations for by clicking on the checkbox next to the product image.
At the top of the Product List a blue button for Bulk Actions will appear. Click on Bulk Actions and select Sync Customizations:


Select The Master Product


Your master product is the product with the existing customizations.

In a new window opens where you can search for your master product. Click on the blue button Select As Master:


Another window opens where you need to click on Sync Customizations:


This will automatically sync the customizations from your master product to your selected products. You don't need to save these changes individually on the product pages, but we recommend refreshing your store.