Order Variables Accessible on Order Success Page

Below are the variables accessible to JavaScript snippets (tracking pixels) added to the Order Success Page

   orderNumber: '[orderNumber]',
   orderValue: '[orderValue]',
   orderSubtotal: '[orderSubtotal]',
   orderItems: '[orderItems]',
   currencyCode: '[currencyCode]',
   discountAmount: '[discountAmount]',
   couponCode: '[couponCode]',
   orderSubtotalMinusDiscountWithoutTax: '[orderSubtotalMinusDiscountWithoutTax]',
   orderSubtotalMinusDiscountWithTax: '[orderSubtotalMinusDiscountWithTax]',
   shippingAmount: '[shippingAmount]',
   taxAmount: '[taxAmount]',
   customerFirstName: '[customerFirstName]',
   customerLastName: '[customerLastName]',
   customerEmail: '[customerEmail]',
   billingCountryCode: '[billingCountryCode]',
   shippingCountryCode: '[shippingCountryCode]',
   cartId: '[cartId]'
'[orderNumber]'Order IDi.e. 1000000012
'[orderValue]'Grand Totalformatted 000.00
'[orderSubtotal]'Subtotalformatted 000.00
'[orderItems]'An array of items ordered (JSON)'[{sku: 'test-product-sku-1', price: '10.00', qty: '1.00'}]'
'[currencyCode]'Currency Codei.e. USD, GBP etc..
'[discountAmount]'Discount Amount on orderformatted 000.00
'[couponCode]'Coupon code used on order(blank if no code)
'[orderSubtotalMinusDiscountWithoutTax]'Order Subtotal minus the Discount Amount and minus Taxformatted 000.00
'[orderSubtotalMinusDiscountWithTax]'Order Subtotal minus the Discount Amount plus Taxformatted 000.00
'[shippingAmount]'Shipping Amount on orderformatted 000.00
'[taxAmount]'Tax Amount on orderformatted 000.00
'[customerFirstName]'The customers first name.String
'[customerLastName]'The customers last name.String
'[customerEmail]'The customers email address.String
'[billingCountryCode]'The country code of the billing address.String (US, UK, etc)
'[shippingCountryCode]'The country code of the shipping address.String (US, UK, etc)
'[cartId]'The ID of the cart that was just converted to an order.Int

ShipperHQ variables


ShipperHQ Variables in Email Templates

You can add any of the variables below using the syntax {{var order.VariableName}} in the Order Email Templates. For example to print the delivery date do: {{var order.delivery_date}}

When ShipperHQ is installed the following variables will be available.

  • [collectShippingRates]
  • [shippingDescription]
  • [dispatchDate]
  • [deliveryDate] (use: delivery_date for email templates)
  • [pickupLocationId]
  • [pickupLocation]
  • [pickupLatitude]
  • [pickupLongitude]
  • [pickupDate]
  • [pickupEmail]
  • [pickupContact]
  • [pickupEmailOption]
  • [timeSlot]
  • [company]
  • [city]
  • [postcode]
  • [region]
  • [regionId]

Example Javascript To Loop Through Products In An Order

var $orderedItems = [orderItems];
for(var i =0, len = $orderedItems.length; i<len; i++){