Order Comments

Enabling Order Comments

  • Go to Web Settings > Cart Settings > Checkout Settings > Enable Order Comments
  • Set to Yes

Viewing Order Comments

Order Comments will appear on the Order record in your Zoey store. It will also appear in the New Order and Order Guest default email templates.

Email Templates & Variables

Added to default New Order & New Order Guest email templates
Can be added to any template using this variable:

{{var order.getZoeyOrderComment()}}

Will appear in the “Variables” list when Order Comments is enabled

Translating the Order Comment field

You can translate the order comments field by adding a new translation with the below:

Order Comment (Characters remaining <span id="comment-chars-remaining">%s</span>)

Your Translation should look something like this

Leave a comment (You have <span id="comment-chars-remaining">%s</span> characters left)