Discount for Specific Customer or Account


You can condition your Discount or Sale to only be available to specific Customers or Accounts. This goes further than the Customer Group eligibility you set in the coupon information.


You'll select between Contact attribute combination and Account attribute combination based on whether you are applying the discount to certain Accounts or customer Contacts.


You can select a Contact Attribute to apply logic for qualifying a Contact for the discount or sale.


Contacts can be qualified by their Email address!

That way you can specify a specific contact, or multiple contact emails separated by commas.


An Account can be qualified for the discount by any Account Attribute. You can apply special attributes to your Accounts which will give them eligibility for your discount.


For example, a Tax ID number can be specified in the discount so that only Accounts with a certain Tax ID are eligible.

A Discount Level could be set on the Account as an attribute which you can condition for.

With the wide ranging functionality of Attributes you can create complex discount structures.