Exporting Data

When managing your data in bulk within Zoey, you may want to use our CSV imports to update many pieces of information across multiple records.

Exporting your Data provides the current data for those records. The column headers will depend on the type of export you are doing. Most export files can be modified and imported to update your data.


When selecting all records, you must click "Select all (quantity)" to include all items on the list.

How to Export Data

Export Product, Account, Contacts, Invoices through Bulk Actions

When working in any list, such as Product, Account, Contacts, Invoices, Quotes, and Drafts, you can export the data as a CSV file.


Filtering the list and exporting this data can provide you with important reports!

How to Export Account Data

  1. In Customers > Accounts, select the Accounts you'd like to export.

  2. Open the Bulk Actions

  3. Select an Export that best fits your needs.

    1. Export Full Account Data will include a column for every piece of data associated with the Account.
    2. Export Account Data to Edit will provide a CSV file with high level info for the Account.
    3. Export Account Contacts Data will provide information about the Contacts. You can Export Full Contact Data from the Contacts List.


Click Here for Export Current Grid and setting your Grid Columns.

How to Export Order Data


You can export Order details through Data Mappers!

Click here to learn more about Zoey Data Mappers.

You can print your Orders as PDFs or export the Order Data to spreadsheets.

  1. Exporting Order Data to a CSV file is done through Bulk Actions on the Order List. Select the orders to export.

  2. Click Bulk Actions and select Export Basic Order Data or Export Full Order Data.

    1. You can also Export Order Comment History this way.

How to Export Product Data

It is easiest for many customers to keep their Product information updated through CSV updates. These imports can even be automated through Google Sheets or through Data Mappers.

You'll use the Product Exports to find the right columns for the data you want to update.

  1. Go to your Products List and select the Products.

  2. Open the Bulk Actions menu. You can select Basic Product Data, Full Product Data, or More Export Templates.

  3. After clicking More Export Templates you can choose from many export templates that each provide columns specific to the information you will be changing.