Recurring Orders

With Recurring Orders, you can set up a Draft, or use an existing Order, and schedule new Orders or Quotes to be generated automatically. Since Recurring Orders live within the Drafts section of our OMS, you have the ability to make edits, change shipping details, update items, revise payment details and more.


Admin Orders or Quotes can be placed, and reordered, automatically on a schedule!

How to Create Recurring Orders or Quotes

You can create a Recurring Order from any existing order, or you can save your Draft as a Recurring Order.

To create a Recurring Order from an existing Order, click Create Recurring Orderat the top right of the Order screen. The Account, Customer and Order Line Items, and other details from the original Order will be used as a template for the Recurring Order Draft.

You can create a Recurring order from an existing Draft, or start by building a new Admin Order, and then click Create Recurring Order to save it as a Recurring Order Draft.

A Shipping Method must be selected to Create Recurring Order.


A Recurring Order Draft is a special kind of Draft that will create an Order or Quote multiple times according to the schedule you set for it.

The recurrence will run each day according to the Schedule based on the Starting and Ending dates.

Recurring Order Options

Provide the following details to set the time frames and payment method for the orders that will be created:

  • Name - Name of the draft recurring order
  • Recurring Entity - Choose to create a recurring Order or Quote
  • Enabled - Yes/No to enable the recurrence
  • Schedule - The interval for recurring order creation. The following intervals are available: Daily, Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semiannually, and Annually.
  • Starting - Start date of recurring order
  • Ending - End date of recurring order
  • Payment Method - Payment method which will be used for recurring orders created. Recurring Orders can be automatically invoiced based on your Invoicing Automation Rules.

Click Save Recurring Order to save the Recurring Order Draft.


Discount Codes may be set on Recurring Orders, and will apply if valid.

Balance-based discounts such as Store Credit or Gift Cards cannot be used on Recurring Orders and will be removed.

Recurring Quotes

Saving your Recurring Order Draft with the Recurring Entity of Quotes will cause a Quote to be created according to schedule instead of an Order.

This gives Store Admins and Customer Contacts the opportunity to further edit the Quote and approve it before creating the Order.

In the Recurring Order Details you can set whether to create an Order or a Quote.

Viewing and Editing Recurring Order Drafts


In the Recurring Orders tab of the Drafts grid you can view all of your Recurring Order Drafts.

You can also see the schedule, when the last order was placed, and when the next order will be placed. You can set up multiple recurring orders for many customers and manage them here.

Recurring Order Drafts can be managed from the Drafts Grid, go to Orders > Drafts and click the Recurring Orders tab.


Recurring Order Drafts aren't visible to your Customers.

Customers will be notified when the order is placed. All management of the recurring order is done through your Zoey Admin.

Click on any Recurring Order Draft to open it. This draft acts as a template which the recurring orders will be created from. You can review the items, shipping method, payment methods, and customer details.

Recurring Order Details

Open the Recurring Order Draft.Within you can see all the details about the Recurring Order Draft. You can edit these details by clicking the pencil icon which appears when hovering.


Monthly recurring orders, where the last day of the month used as the Starting date is greater than the processing month's last day, will be created on the processing month's last day.

For example, if the Recurring Order Draft's Starting date is set for the 31st, a processing month that is shorter like February or April, will process the Order on the last day of that month.

Recurring Orders Created

A list of the Orders created from the Recurring Order Draft is included underneath the Recurring Order Details.

You can click on each Order to open them.

Editing your Recurring Order Draft


You can edit your Recurring Order Draft's items and other details.

Changes that you make will be reflected on the orders created automatically in the future.

You may update existing Recurring Order Drafts with changes, or create multiple Recurring Order Drafts on alternating schedules to automate much of your customers' reordering.

Recurring Draft Order Audit Log

Your changes will be recorded in the Audit Log of the Recurring Order Draft.

Click the update audit record to view a summary of the changes before & after.

You will then see the changes which were made to this recurring order draft.

Disabling and Deleting Recurring Orders

In the Drafts List > Recurring Order Drafts Tab, click on the Recurring Order Draft to edit. In the Information box, click Enabled to edit. Set Enabled to No.

Multiple Recurring Order Drafts can be Enabled, Disabled or Deleted using Bulk Actions in the Recurring Order Drafts Tab in both the Drafts list, as well as the Account Edit > Sales > Recurring Order Drafts.