iOS 3.0 Release Notes

Major Features

Drafts Integrated with Web Admin
iOS now saves Drafts to Web Admin so users can manage their drafts across-platforms. Also the iOS App will import drafts, including customer shopping carts, so they can be managed and submitted as Quotes or Orders. New features for Drafts include ability to Name, and Email (with pictures and PDFs attached).

New "Sales" Tab
The Orders/Quotes tab has been renamed "Sales". This tab allows you to manage Offline Orders, Drafts, Quotes and Orders. More details about each Order/Quote/Draft has been added to the list, and more options for searching have been added.

List Settings
Product List and Order List settings have been added to the Profile Screen to control which Custom Product and Order Attributes will display on the Products and Orders List.

Convert Quote to Order
Ability to convert a Quote to an Order from iOS.

Edit Quotes
Ability to Edit a Quote in iOS including products, Quote Name, Status, Addresses etc...

Submit Orders for multiple Languages/Currencies
Support for Customer Group or Store Configured Language and Currency Options. Products will not be translated in the app, but the correct language and currency can be selected in the cart for the Quote, Draft or Order.

Multi-Packaging Support
Supports multiple packaging options (case/pallet/each) per product.

Add/Remove/Edit Sales Reps on an Account
Ability to modify the Sales Reps assigned to an account. Current user will be assigned as Sales Rep for any new Accounts created in the app.

Other Improvements

  • Swipe to refresh in Customer / Account / Draft / Quote info screens
  • Send Emails to "Office" - Office Emails can be added to Web Admin Settings > Emails > Office Emails.
  • Additional Options for Send Email - Send to Customer (or not), Send to Sales Rep (or not), Send to other Account Emails (or not).
  • Product - Search by Attribute
  • Search Orders, Drafts, and Quotes by Billing Address "Company" field
  • Parent Categories will inherit products from their sub-categories.
  • Delete Quotes/Orders from the App
  • Out of Stock Items can be added to the Cart.
  • Packaging - show count of units (i.e. 6 Cases = 144 bottles)
  • Customer List shows Account the customer is assigned to
  • Ability to NOT save an address to an account when adding during order submit.
  • View/Search orders by Order Attribute (i.e. PO#, Ship Date)
  • Allow items from Order / Quote history to be added to cart, not only "Copy Items to Cart"
  • Improve Order / Quote preview if no internet connection
  • "Created by Who" Added to Orders / Quotes list
  • Order Attribute Defaults from Web Admin work on Mobile
  • Ability to mark a Default Address
  • Improved Synchronization to prevent sync failures