Order List Tabs


Order Tabs help to organize Orders using Filters that can be created and edited by the admin. Each Staff Account Admin User has the ability to manage their own Order Tabs.

By default, the Orders list has the following Tabs for organizing Orders based on Status and Transactions:

Tab NameDescription
AllLists all Orders regardless of their Status, unless they have been Archived.
OpenLists all Pending and Processing Orders.
ClosedLists Completed and Canceled Orders.
ArchivedYou can clean up your active Orders by Archiving older ones. Archived Orders are listed in this tab.
Net TermsEasily see orders placed with Net Terms in this tab.
Open BillsThis tab allows you to see which Orders have been Invoiced but not yet Paid.
Partially ShippedOpen Orders that have been partially shipped will appear in this tab.
Partially PaidOpen Orders that have been partially paid will appear in this tab.

Editing / Creating Tabs


Tabs can Activated or Deactivated in Manage Tabs

Existing Tabs may be edited by clicking the three vertical dots to the left of the tabs and selecting "Manage Tabs." A New Tab may be created by clicking "Add new Tab."

Creating New Tabs

When creating a new Tab the below form will be presented.


Search criteria and advanced filters may be added for things like "Order Status", "Customer Group", "Created Date" and more. Click here to learn more about Order Filters

Apply Current Tab's Filters

There will also be a checkbox for "Apply Current Tab's Filters". This will apply the filters (such as Order Status and Archived = No) from the Tab that is currently open. This option will only be shown when creating a new tab, not when editing existing tabs.

Tab Label

This is the label that will be shown in the Tab.

Tab Description

The tab description will show when the user hovers over the tab. (see below)

Editing Existing Tabs

When editing existed tabs, you will be presented with the list of tabs to edit. Note: You may only edit tabs created yourself. You will not see tabs created by others in the edit tabs list.

Organizing Tabs

Tabs can be organized by drag & drop moving them left or right.