Minimum / Maximum Quantity Allowed

Minimum / Maximum Allowed lets you specify a minimum or maximum quantity of products allowed in order for the customer to place an order.

Settings For Specific Products

You will see two links:

  • Configure Minimum Quantity Allowed in Shopping Cart
  • Configure Maximum Quantity Allowed in Shopping Cart

Clicking these links will allow you to specify a minimum or maximum quantity allowed for the user to place an order for this product.

What is the Default Link?
The default link will let you reset this value to whatever is defined in your Global Product Settings (See below)

Per Customer Group

This value can also be set per customer group (see below)

Click here to learn how to import these values via CSV

Global Settings

Instead of setting this value on each individual product, you can specify a "Global Setting".

Navigate to: Products > Settings > Inventory

Here you will see the same options as above. Setting the option here will set it for all products in your catalog (unless otherwise specified individually).


Products > Settings

Updating via CSV

Click Here to learn how to update the Min/Max Qty values via CSV


sample csv