Step 2: Set up a NetSuite API User for Zoey

Enable SOAP/Authentication Services (In NetSuite)

This may already be enabled. If not, follow steps below:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Company > Enable Features
  2. Click the SuiteCloud tab
  3. Enable SuiteTalk (Web Services): SOAP WEB SERVICES
  4. Enable Manage Authentication: TOKEN-BASED AUTHENTICATION
  5. Note: This may prompt terms of service approval
  6. Save

Create an API Role

  1. Navigate to Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles > New

  2. All values can be left as their default values except those defined below:

a.  General
       i.  Name: Zoey SOAP API Role

b.  Subsidiary Restrictions (if applicable)
      i.  Accessible Subsidiaries: All

 c.  Permissions
      i.  Transactions:
        * Adjust Inventory (Edit)
        * Cash Sale (Edit)
        * Credit Memo (Edit)
        * Credit Returns (Edit)
        * Customer Deposit (Edit)
        * Customer Payment (Edit)
        * Customer Refund (Edit)
        * Deposit Application (Edit)
        * Find a Transaction (View)
        * Fulfill Orders (Edit)
        * Invoice (Edit)
        * Invoice Sales Orders (Edit)
        * Item Fulfillment (Edit)
        * Sales Order (Full)
        * Sales Order Approval (Full)
        * Work Order (Edit)

    ii.  Lists:
      * Accounts (View)
      * Bins (View)
      * Contacts (Edit)
      * Customers (Edit)
      * Documents and Files (Edit)
      * Employee Record (View)
      * Employees (View)
      * Inventory Status (Edit) "Please skip if you do not see this permission"
      * Items (Edit)
      * Locations (View)
      * Record Custom Field (View)

   iii.  Setup:
      * Accounting Lists (Edit)
      * Custom Body Fields (View)
      * Custom Entity Fields (View)
      * Custom Fields (View)
      * Custom Item Fields (View)
      * Custom Transaction Fields (View)
      * Log in using Access Tokens (Full)
      * SOAP Web Services (Full)
      * View SOAP Web Services Logs (Full)
  1. Save the Role

Add User to Role

  1. Navigate to Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Users
  2. Click name of user to edit
  3. Edit user
  4. Click Access tab
  5. Under Roles tab, add the role created in previous step
  6. Save the User