Shipment Tracking

When a Shipment is created, you can send Tracking Numbers to your customers. The tracking number will be linked to the Carrier's website (i.e. UPS, USPS) where the customer can monitor the delivery. Available Carriers and Tracking Website links can be managed in Orders > Settings


Tracking Numbers can be added to "Shipments" while being created or after from the Orders > Shipments > View Shipment screen. The tracking number and link to the Carrier's website will be sent to the customer via email as well as be available in their My Account > View Order screen.


Multiple Tracking numbers may be added to a single shipment.

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Editing Shipment Tracking Carriers

Located in Orders > Settings
Here you can edit the list of Shipment Tracking Carriers by changing the Label (i.e. Changing Federal Express to FedEx), or changing the website used for delivery tracking.


Custom Value

One of the most common things to do on this screen is to update the tracking link for the "Custom Value" Carrier. This Carrier is often used by 3rd Party Tracking Software. When they push Tracking numbers into Zoey, they set the carrier to "Custom Value" rather than selecting one from the list. This will send the Tracking Number to the customer without a tracking URL. You can add a Tracking URL on this screen so the tracking number will lead to the correct carrier website for delivery tracking.


Building Your Tracking URL

The variable {{var tracking_number}} will be used in place of the tracking number. Example:{{var tracking_number}}

Adding a New Carrier

At the bottom of the Carrier list is a button to "Add Carrier"
Click this button to add a new carrier and Tracking URL.


Choosing a Custom Carrier via API

When using the API to Ship Orders, you can specify the carrier by it's Carrier Code. For Custom Carriers, the custom code will appear in Orders > Settings under the custom carrier label. (see below)