Order Success Page

Editing your Order Success Page

What is the Order Success Page?

The Order Succes page is shown to your customers when they successfully complete the Checkout Process. This page can be edited using the Visual Design editor.


Finding Your Order Success Page

Your theme should have an Order Success page
Your new Order Success Page will not be live until you customize and publish it.


Customizing And Publishing

The Order Success page comes with 3 blocks:

  • Thank You Text Block
  • Continue Shopping Button
  • Order Success Review Block

Order Success Page Blocks

Updating The "Order Success Review" Block

You can update the following:

  • Order Number Text (Your Order # Is)
  • The Email Receipt Text (An email with the order details has been sent to...)
  • Shipping Address Heading (This order has been shipped to...)
  • Additional Information Block Heading and Body Text (Questions? Call us ...)

Order Success Review Block Settings

Variables For The Order Success Review Block

  • [orderNumber]
  • [customerEmail]
  • [contactEmail text="here"]
  • [contactPhone]

Updating Font Settings & Colors


You can edit the Font Settings & Color

Editing The "Thank You" Text


You can also edit the text.

Adding Conversion Tracking Scripts

To add a Conversion Tracking Script to your order success page, use the +Add menu. Hover over "Order Success" then click to add the HTML block to the bottom of your page.


Adding and HTML Block

Next you can double-click or click the "Edit HTML" button to add your tracking script.


Adding HTML to your Order Success Page

Please only use HTML and Javascript. We do not support PHP.
You can only use variables listed here: Order Variables Accessible on Order Success Page


Bad HTML can break your page

Please note that pasting invalid or corrupt HTML can have negative effects on your page. Please only paste in HTML. Be sure to properly copy and paste the full code you are trying to add to your order success page.


Everything on the Order Success Page can be translated!

  • The Order Summary section will take the translations from Translating your Checkout
  • The "Thank You" message and "Continue Shopping" button can be translated directly in the Visual Design Editor
  • The Order Success Review section can also be translated in the Visual Design Editor.

Order Success Page URL

If you require the URL of your Order Success Page it is https://<yourdomain.com>/checkout/onepage/success