Free Shipping with a Promo Code

Create A Discount Rule

Go to Promotions > Discount Rules and click on Create a Discount Rule in the top right.


  • Free Shipping for the Coupon Name
  • Status > Active
  • Customer Groups > Select specific groups, or select all.
  • Coupon > Specific Coupon
  • Uses per Coupon is total times the coupon may be used across customers. Set to 100 or 1000 for example.

Next go to the Actions tab in the left sidebar and for Free Shipping select For shipment with matching items (Entire Cart)


Add The Free Shipping Method

Under Settings > Shipping Methods click on Add Shipping Methods at top right and add Free Shipping.
Configure the shipping method to be Enabled > Yes and enter for the Minimum Order Amount 9999999999 and save the changes.


When this Discount Code is entered at checkout, Free Shipping will become an available shipping method.



Since the Free Shipping amount is set to 999999999 it won't give anyone Free Shipping without the Promo Code.

You may create a Flat Rate Shipping Method called "Free Shipping" for specific Customer Groups with a Minimum Order Amount and Price 0.