Simple Product

Add a new simple product by going to Product List > New Product and selecting Simple Product,

What is a Simple Product? Read more here

Product Information


"*" - required

Name *This is what your customers will call this product. The name helps determine your SKU, URL Key and SEO Meta Information.
SKU *Stock Keeping Unit - A unique code used for the merchant's inventory tracking and reporting.

The SKU will initially be auto-generated from your product name, but you can change it anytime by clicking EDIT
Show this product in my store *When checked off, this product will show in your store if a user navigates to the product URL. You will still need to add it to Categories (see Category Section Below)
Manage Visibility (advanced)Zoey gives you more advanced control over visibility with options like, Show in Catalog Only, or Show in Search Only.
OverviewThe Overview (formerly called Short Description) will appear on your product page below the price.

While not required, we highly recommend using this field.

The Overview also auto-fills your SEO Meta Description.
Description *The Description will appear on your product page, typically below the images and add to cart button.


Drag & Drop images to add them to your product. You can also click "Upload Images" or "Browse".

The Main Image will show anywhere this product appears in your store. Additional images will only appear in the gallery section of the product page.

You can also Drag & Drop to sort the order in which you would like the images to appear on your product page.

Click the Gear Icon on any image to set it as the Main Image or remove it completely.


This is where you can enter the Price that your customers will pay for this product.

Prices must be entered in the store's "Base Currency". If you have multiple currencies, this price will be converted using your Currency Rates in Set-up>Localization>Currency>Rates

Price Suffix

This will display after the price (i.e. /per lb.)

As Low As Price Suffix

Replace the Price Suffix with a different Price Suffix when "As Low As" Prices are Displayed, when Web Settings > Product Settings > Show "Starting From" Price For Configurable Products is set to Yes.

Hide As Low As Price Suffix

When set to Yes, no Price Suffix will appear when "As Low As" Prices are Displayed.

Collect Tax

If your store is set-up to charge tax, this product will collect tax.

For more advanced users, this setting will select the "Taxable Goods" Product Tax Class. You can specify a different tax class for the product by clicking "Specify a tax class".

Inventory & Shipping

Track Inventory

This means your product will have a specific Quantity and can be Out Of Stock when that quantity is zero.

Do Not Track Inventory

This means your product will always be In Stock

Shipping Weight

This field is used for shipping rate calculation. Measurement units (lbs, kg) are specified by your enabled shipping methods. Only enter numbers here (example: "0.21")

Advanced Inventory Settings

Click Here to learn more about Backorders, Min/Max Quantity Allowed, Quantity Increments and Decimal Value Quantities


Start typing the name of an existing Category to assign this product to it. Or visit your Category Manager to add new categories.

If you want to assign to several categories at the same time, click on View Category Tree. It will show you the category tree in the same way you'll see it within Products > Categories.

Click Here to learn more about creating categories

Custom Attributes

Tag your product with custom information that is important for you or your customers to know.

Custom Attributes can be used for:

  • Filtering Products on the Category Page
  • Adding Search Terms or other Searchable Information
  • Displaying additional information on the product page. Learn more


Click here to learn about adding Customizations to your product

Related Products

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Search Engine Preview (SEO)

Search Engine information is initially auto-filled from your Name, URL and Overivew

Click "Edit" to modify your:

  • SEO Meta Title - The title that appears in your web browser tab
  • SEO Meta Description - The information that will appear in Search Engine results (like Google)


The design tab will only show when you have Multiple Product Page Templates in your Theme.

Click here to learn more about multiple product templates