Image Sizes

Which image dimensions to put in your banners

Standard Width Banners

For banners or sliders that are not full width, you will want to upload an image that is larger than (but not exceeding double) the width of the banner. When resizing the banner in your Visual Design Editor you can see the dimensions of the block. As a general rule, images larger than 1200px width will typically work well for most banners.

Full Width Banners

Full-Width Banners span from edge to edge of the largest and smallest devices. We recommend uploading images with a minimum width of 1920px. 3000px width will provide higher resolution on large devices.


Image Dimensions Versus File Size

It is important to note that the larger your image dimensions are, the large the file size (kB or MB) may be. Please ensure you keep File Size as low as possible without sacrificing quality. Uploading large File Sizes will have an impact on page load times.