Error: Product Type Is Invalid Or Not Supported


Case Sensitivity Matters

The most frequent cause of this issue is that the SKU listed in the CSV does not match the SKU in Zoey. For example the SKU:


is different than the SKU


Please make sure that the SKU matches exactly.

SKU Does Not Exist

If you are trying to Update You Products via CSV file, this error will tell you which rows have SKUs that do not exist.

The reason this error comes up is because since the SKU does not exist already, the importer will then try to create the product. And since the "_type" column is the first column required for creating new products, if this column does not exist in the CSV, it can not create the product and tell you that this is the reason.

The error will tell you which rows have SKUs that do not exist.


Note: The error will give you a Row # that will not match your CSV exactly.

Row 1 in the error message is actually Row 2. The Imported sees the 2nd row of the CSV file as the 1st product it needs to import.


File is totally invalid. Please fix errors and re-upload file

This means that there are more than 100 rows with SKUs that do not exist. Our importer can "Skip" up to 100 invalid rows. Above 100 invalid rows, it determines that the file you are using is probably completely invalid and you should have a look/remove the invalid rows before importing.

Issue With "_type" Column

If you ARE trying to Import New Products via CSV, the "_type" column is required. Often this error is thrown for the following reasons:

  • The column is missing - Make sure it's there
  • The column is spelled incorrectly. It's _type not "type" or "Type"
  • Values in the column are spelled incorrectly. (simple, configurable etc... non-capitalized) Note, the values are Case Sensitive.
  • Values are not valid. Our importer can NOT import the following types: Bundle, Downloadable and Gift Card.