Quote Individual Product Settings


Products can be individually configured to not allow Add To Quote.


When Quotes is Enabled, a new section in the Admin Product Edit Screen (Products > Product List > Edit) will allow individual products to have Add To Quote disabled.


To turn off the Add to Quote button on a specific product, set "Restrict Add To Quote" to Yes


To update products in bulk, you can Update Products Via CSV File and use the below column and values:

Column HeaderValues
zb2b_product_atq_restrictedYes = Restrict Add To Quote for this product
No (or Null) = Allow Add To Quote
atq_restricted_prod_groupsCustomer Group NAME
i.e. "Wholesale"
zb2b_product_atq_no_hide_cartYes = Disable Hide Add To Cart for this product
No (or Null) = Allow Hide Add To Cart
zb2b_product_atq_no_hide_priceYes = Disable Hide Price for this product
No (or Null) = Allow Hide Price

Sample File