Re-Indexing Your Store

Products or Categories not showing up correctly? URLs not updating? At times your store may need to Reindex your store, especially after making changes.

How to Re-Index and Flush Cache

Whenever you upload new products, edit or delete existing products, as well as categories your store should be refreshed. This will help displaying the changes on the frontend.

  • From your control panel simply go to the Refresh icon and click Flush Cache

What does Flush Cache do?

Cache is an auxiliary memory where data is stored. When you make changes in the Admin that you are not seeing on your Store Front, Flushing the Cache is used to refresh the data memory so the newest data is displayed.

Flush Cache will not delete your data from the admin.

How to Re-Index

Go to Refresh > Re-Index

  • Check off every box, set Actions to "Reindex Data" and click on Submit
  • Your Store is now Reindexed and Refreshed!


Changes are still not showing on the frontend after refreshing?

If you still don't see the changes on the frontend after refreshing your store, you may need to index your store manually.

What is Indexing?

When Zoey renders your products, categories, URLs, stock status and other items like this, it does so through what is known as an "index". Much like a book this provides a fast method by which the data can be retrieved and displayed to your visitor. When you change data in your Admin Panel the indexes have to be rebuilt and your store has to be refreshed for the latest data to be available.

Update on Save or Manual Mode?

When indexes are set to "Update on Save" every time you hit Save in the admin, the appropriate index will be rebuilt. Manual Mode means that the indexes will only be rebuilt when you re-index them


API Usage

If you are using making changes via the Zoey API, make sure your indexes are set to Manual Mode to avoid problems with your store. At the completion of your API operation you can schedule a reindex

My URLs are /catalog/product/id

This is due to not having re-indexed your store and the URL Keys for these products have not been generated yet. Once you re-index you should be able to get the real URL by going to the Product in the Admin and looking at its URL key

Managing Index Mode via API

Learn more at our API Documentation: