Step 1: Prepare your Zoey Data

Create Product Attributes for NetSuite

Zoey Products will not automatically link to NetSuite without a few “Custom Attributes” filled in.

Start by navigating to Products > Attributes and create the below attributes.

1. Netsuite Product ID
a. Type: Text
b. Note: it is your preference if you want this value to show to your Zoey customers.

2. Netsuite Item Type
a. Type: Dropdown
b. You can leave all other check-boxes unchecked
c. After clicking Save, scroll to the “Values” section and enter the below options:

  • inventoryItem
  • lotNumberedAssemblyItem

Link Zoey SKUs to NetSuite Product IDs

Next, create a spreadsheet that will associate your Zoey SKUs with the correct NetSuite Product IDs and Item Type. This data should be easily exportable from your NetSuite environment.




e.g. ABC-1234_5



e.g. DEF-1234_5



Once completed, import this spreadsheet as a CSV File following the standard product data import process.