Products - Import from NetSuite

NetSuite to Zoey Product Import

  • Import Product Data from NetSuite
    When set to Yes, products will be synced from NetSuite to Zoey.
  • Enable Automatic Product Import
    When enabled, product data will be synced from NetSuite to Zoey twice an hour.
  • NetSuite Product ID Attribute
    Select the Zoey Product Attribute that will contain the internal NetSuite ID for each product.
  • NetSuite Product Type Attribute
    Select the Zoey Product Attribute that will contain the NetSuite Product Type.
  • Import Product Status from NetSuite
    When set to Yes, Zoey products can be enabled or disabled based on the products data in NetSuite.
    • NetSuite Item Status Source
      This is NetSuite Item field used to determine Zoey Product Status. This field must be a boolean.
      isInactive (boolean) is normally used.
    • Zoey Product is Disabled when...
      Specify when the Zoey Product should be disabled based on the status source value.

Inventory Settings

  • Import Product Inventory from NetSuite
    When set to Yes product inventory will be synced from NetSuite
    • Prevent Inventory Sync Attribute
      Select a Zoey Yes/No attribute to be used as a flag to prevent syncing inventory from NetSuite.
      When this attribute is set to Yes on a product, its inventory will not be synced from NetSuite.
  • Allow Inventory Import from Different Item
    When enabled, specify the attribute to use for a separate NetSuite Item ID to sync inventory. If this attribute is set on a Zoey Product it will sync inventory from the specified Item instead of the Item the Product is linked to.
    • Different Inventory Item Attribute
      The Zoey product attribute that will be used to indicate to import inventory from a different Item.
  • Limit Inventory to Specific Locations
    Only specified Inventory Locations will be used to calculate available inventory.
    • Locations
      Only the selected locations will be used for calculating product inventory.
  • Enable Location Mapping
    When set to Yes, you can then map NetSuite Locations to Zoey Inventory Locations.

Price Settings

  • Import Prices
    When set to Yes, price information will be imported from NetSuite
    • Import Customer Group Prices
      When set to Yes, Customer Group prices will be imported based on the NetSuite Price Levels, unless Use Product Pricing Groups is set to Yes.
    • Multi-Currency Support
      Set to Yes if your NetSuite environment uses multiple currencies.


      The NetSuite API Role used for this Integration must have Permission Lists > Currency with a level of View to use this feature.

    • Import Tier Prices
      When set to Yes, Tier Prices for order item amounts will be imported from NetSuite.
      • Import Tier Prices for ALL GROUPS
        When set to Yes, Tier Price information will always be imported for All Customer Groups instead of per Customer Group Price Level.
    • Import Product Cost from NetSuite
      When set to Yes, product costs will be imported from NetSuite.
    • Price Import Logic
      Set the logic for importing prices from NetSuite:
      1. Highest Price Level
      2. Lowest Price Level
      3. First Price Level
      4. Specific Price Level


        When using Specific Price Level, you can select the NetSuite Price Level to import.

Product Import Field Mapper

  • Zoey Field
    Select the Zoey field you want to sync with a field in NetSuite.
  • NetSuite Field
    Select the NetSuite field to map to the field you selected for the Zoey Field.
  • Additional Field (Button)
    Add as many additional Product field mappings as needed.