Admin Quote Management

There are several tools for the Admin Management of Quotes.

Quote Comments

Comments allow the Admin to post Private notes about the Quote. It also provides a way for the Admin and Customer to communicate.
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Quote Expiration / Reminder

Quotes can be configured in Quote Management Settings to Expire after a certain amount of time. On the Quote itself, you can specify a date that the quote will expire. The Reminder feature automatically sends the customer a reminder email a certain number of days after Quote creation if that Quote is Available and has not been converted to an Order yet.
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Editing Items

The admin can add, edit and remove items on a quote anytime. Products can be configured and prices can be customized for each individual quote.
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Adding Discounts / Gift Cards

Discount Codes (Coupons) and Gift Card Codes can be added in the Totals section of the Quote.


Once the quote is saved, you will be given a message that the Quote was saved successfully and applied discounts/gift card balances will be visible in the Totals section at the bottom of the page.

Adding/Editing Addresses

Addresses can be added to a quote and edited by the Admin or Customer as configured in Quote Customer Permissions. If the customer has saved addresses in their address book, they will appear as options in a drop-down on both the front-end (My Account) or in the Admin Quote Edit Screen.


Addresses are required for:

  • Calculating Shipping Rates
  • Applying Tax
  • Converting a Quote to an Order

Shipping Rates

Shipping Rates can be retrieved for a Quote as long as the quote has items and has a shipping address. Click Get Available Shipping Rates to retrieve rates based on your available Shipping Methods


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Notifying Customer

There are several ways to notify the customer of a change to the Quote
1 - Click "Share" then Send
2 - Change the Status and click "Send Notification"
3 - Add a Comment and click "Send Email Notification"


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Printing / Sending PDF

PDFs can be generated or sent to the customer anytime.
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