Setting Up Quotes

To set-up Quotes on your store, navigate to Quotes > Quotes Settings
###Get started by setting Enabled to Yes
Then continue through the below sections to configure your preferences.

Access Restriction Settings

The next series of settings will allow you to configure how Quotes works for all customers, or if it works differently for specified customer groups.
Learn more about Quote Access Restriction

Customer Permissions

Quote Permissions allow the Admin to configure what they would like the Customer to be able to modify after a Quote is submitted
Learn more about Quote Permissions

Quote Creation

The Quote creation settings control the behavior of the Submit Quote page on the front-end of your store.
Learn more about Quote Creation Settings

Quote Management

The Quote Management settings determine how Quote Statuses, Quote Expiration & Reminders, and Quote Change Requests are handled.
Learn more about Quote Management Settings

Quote IDs

Quote ID settings allow you to build custom Quote IDs by specifying a Prefix and Next Quote ID used (sequentially)
Learn more about Quote IDs

Quote Email Settings

Quote email settings allow the admin to enable and configure different automated emails sent during the Quote Workflows.
Learn more about Quote Email Settings and Templates

Adding Links to "My Quotes" in My Account

When enabled, Quotes will add links to your My Account menus.



Learn more about creating and editing My Account Pages in the Visual Design Editor