Adding Recipients to an Email


You can have multiple users receive email notifications for new orders and more.

If you are looking to have a customer contact receive updates about their orders, you'll need to review Emails Sent to Customer Contacts

The email templates are found in Settings > Emails. From there you can look through the list of emails that can be sent by Zoey.

Adding Recipient to New Order Email

For an additional member of your team to be notified when new orders were placed, you must find the New Order email template in Settings > Emails and add that recipient to Send Order Email Copy To. The templates are organized into sections to make this a bit easier.

Upon opening that email template, there are two more sections.

  • Global Settings - containing all settings for that specific email template. Including how it is sent and to whom.
  • Template - allows you to modify the source code of the email.

Each email template can have different settings so be sure to read them closely. For the New Order template we will be adding the email address to Send Order Email Copy To. This will cause that user to receive the email for each new order.