Check / Money Orders

Zoey offers numerous payment gateway options, offering both popular third party transaction partners and a variety of point-of-sale methods. The Check/Money Order method is a great way to test your checkout process before going live with your store.

Add The Check/Money Order Option To Payment Methods

In your Control Panel, hover over Set-up and select Payments.


Scroll down and select View More Payment Methods. Select Check/Money Order, then, click Add Payment Methods.


Scroll to the Check/Money Order section and click Set-up.


Enable And Configure Check/Money Order

On your Check/Money Order configuration page, set Enabled to Yes. Then, configure the following settings:



Select a name for your payment gateway that appears on the front end.

New Order Status

Select a status for each order paid with check or money order.

Payment from Applicable Countries

Select All Allowed Countries to place no country restriction on cash payments. Select Specific Countries to restrict payment to individual countries. Hold Command (Mac) or CTRL(PC) to select multiple options.

Make Payable To

Enter a name -- usually the name associated your company's checking account -- for checks and money orders you receive.

Send Check to

Enter an address for sending checks and money orders.

  • Minimum and Maximum Order Total - Set the minimum and maximu

Minimum and Maximum Order Total

Set the minimum and maximum currency value for orders purchased through cash on delivery.

Sort Order

Enter a numeric value to determine the order your payment option appears.


When you finish your configurations, click Save.