ShipperHQ and NetSuite Shipping Method Mapping


When integrating both ShipperHQ and NetSuite with your Zoey store, you must map the all the shipping methods that ShipperHQ can set on orders.

ShipperHQ can set many different shipping methods on your orders. In order for the shipping amount to be synced to your NetSuite Sales Order, you must map those special SHQ shipping methods.

What Shipping Method is set by ShipperHQ?

Within your ShipperHQ environment you can see the shipping method code which will be set on the order.

You can also the shipping method set by ShipperHQ in the Origin Shipping Information section of your order.

The shipping method name will be similar to USPS - USPS Ground Advantage.

Add the Shipping Method to NetSuite Integration Settings

Now that you have the Shipping Method's name, you can add it to your Zoey NetSuite Integration settings in the Shipping Mapping section.