Admin Quote Creation

Quotes can be created in the Admin on the Quotes > Quotes List Page

Step 1: Click Create New Quote

In the top right corner of the Quotes List Page, click New Quote


Step 2: Customer or Guest

The next step will require you to select or create a new customer that the quote will be assigned to, or to continue creating a "Guest" quote.


After selecting/creating a new customer or continue as a guest, you will be taken to the Quote Create screen.

Step 3: Build Your Quote

From here your quote is created. All changes will be auto-saved. Notify the customer when ready by clicking the "Share" button in the top-right of your screen.


Quote Name

The Quote Name can be used to quickly identify the quote. It also may be something more meaningful to the customer than the admin.


To start the quote will be in the "Status for New Quote" specified in Quotes > Quote Settings. If you have "Hide Prices for New Quote" set to Yes, you will see an orange message bar stating Prices will not be shown to the customer until set to the Quote Available Status.

Quote ID

The quote will automatically be assigned the next sequential Quote ID as specified in Quotes > Quote Settings. If you would like to assign a Custom ID, click Set a custom ID. You can enter up to a 16 character ID with letters, numbers, and dashes.


When created, the Quote will record the date/time and Admin User that created the quote.


This specifies the Language of the quote for PDF and Email translation purposes. (Will only show if your store has multiple languages.)


This specifies the currency for which the item prices and totals will display. (Will only show if your store has multiple currencies.)

Customer Information

The customer assigned to a quote may be changed at any time. Click Change in the Customer Information section to create a new customer or assign the quote to a different customer.



Quote Addresses are stored in the quote. Switching Customers on a Quote will not switch Addresses. That means you could expose customer address info to the newly assigned customer.


Comments can be used by both the Admin and Customer if specified in Quotes > Quote Settings. You can communicate with the customer with comments, or post a Private Comment that does not show to the customer. Click "Send Email Notification" to send the comment to the customer right away.



Access Quote Settings from the link in the top-right corner of the Information Section.


The individual Quote Settings section will load the defaults specified in Quotes > Quote Settings. These settings can be changed to reflect the needs of the admin/customer for this specific quote. Learn more about this in the Admin Quote Management tutorial.



The Items section allows you to search and add products to the quote. Search all products, products from the customer's cart, wishlist or their recently ordered items. You can also quick-create a new product and add it to the quote.


Click to Add Products

Learn more about this in the Admin Quote Management tutorial.


If the customer has a saved Address, you can select it from the drop-down. Otherwise, you can enter the customer's billing and shipping address in this section. The information here is required for Shipping and Tax calculation. Save the Quote after updating the Address to enable Shipping Rate Calculation.


Shipping & Totals

In this section, once your Quote has products and addresses saved to it, you can calculate shipping rates (or apply a custom shipping amount).


Totals are dynamically updated based on the item pricing, tax for those items and customer group, and discounts applied.


PDFs can be generated anytime in the quote creation process as long as your latest changes are saved. The Print PDF button is located in the Shipping & Totals section of the Quote Create/Edit screen. Learn more about Quote PDFs here



Once you are finished building the quote, you can "Share" it with the customer (as long as the quote has a customer or guest email address). Click the blue "Share" button in the top-right of the page. Here you can specify any other email addresses that need to receive notifications from this quote and click "Send". This will initially send an email informing the user of their new quote and will include any information about the quote that has been entered. Any subsequent sharing will use the "Quote Updated" email template.