Currency (changing or adding)

Zoey allows you to set up currencies for customers worldwide. Quickly change your primary currency and allow multiple currencies from around the world to meet the needs of your primary markets.


Allowing Multiple Currencies?

You may need to add a Currency Selector to your Zoey Web > Theme. Click on any page to edit, and using the +Add > Header menu, drag & drop the currency selector into your header.

Currency Settings

In your Zoey Admin, hover over Settings, then select Currency.


Currency Settings


Base Currency

This is the main currency used for payment transactions.
This currency is directly associated with the price of products entered throughout your settings. If you have more than one allowed currency, adjust the exchange rates from Set-up > Localization > Rates to ensure the currency selected on the front end displays an accurate price.
###Default Display Currency
Select a default display currency that appears throughout the front end of your store.
###Allowed Currency
Select which currencies your store allows for purchase. Hold Command (Mac) or CTRL (PC) to select multiple options. If there's more than one allowed currency, customers will be able to select from a drop down that shows the price in the currency of their choice.

Manage Rates & Symbols

Manage currency exchange rates and currency symbols by using the links in the Settings section of Settings > Currency


Manage Rates

Click on the Manage Rates link above. On the Manage Currency Rates page you will see your base currency set to "1.0000". Other allowed currencies will have a default exchange rate. You can import the latest rates from the Open Exchange service by clicking "Import". Or you can manually set exchange rates by editing the numbers for each currency and clicking "Save Currency Rate".


Edit Symbols

Click on the Edit Symbols link above. On the Manage Currency Symbols page you will see a default symbol for each currency. You can edit or change the symbol then click "Save Currency Symbol"


Advanced Currency Options

Currency Options

There are several advanced options:

  • Display precision - Number of digits after the decimal point to display (if available)
  • Minimum number of digits after the decimal point - Minimum number of digits to display (will fill in 0's)
  • Cut Zero Decimals - Will change $9.00 to $9
  • Symbol position - Before or after price for $9 or 9$
  • Currency symbol use - Use Symbol or Short Name (i.e. USD) or Name (US Dollar)
  • Replace Zero Price to - change $0.00 to "FREE"

Scheduled Import Settings

By default Zoey is scheduled to import updated conversion rates once a day. You can edit that frequency or disable updates if you want to enter your own conversion rate.