Incremental Order Numbers

You may add a prefix or change the next increment for Order numbers, Invoices, Credit Memos and Shipments

Go to Orders > Settings > Sales Prefix/Increment IDs

Prefix Only letters, numbers, dashes, underscores, pound sign and periods allowed. Must start with letter or number.

Cannot be all numbers other than the store ID (1). Can be a letter followed by a number i.e. Z6

Max 20 characters.
Last Increment ID This is the last set of numbers used on the last created Order, Invoice, Credit Memo, or Shipment in Zoey, not including the Prefix.
New Last Increment ID New Last Increment ID must be an 8 digit number and cannot start with 9 or be set to a number less than Last Increment ID.

Increment IDs will be generated with format Prefix + Next Increment ID

Example: If you want your Next Increment ID to end in 300, the New Last Increment ID will be 00000299.
Next Increment ID The Next Increment ID will be New Last Increment ID + 1.