Translating Drafts

You can use Drafts for pre-order edits and as Saved Carts. You can learn more about what Drafts offer here.

If you decide to use Drafts as a step in your ordering process, you may want to customize how drafts are referenced in your store.

Translating Draft to Saved Cart

Before getting started, review how to Translate Text in your Store.

The following translations detail original quote phrases and an example translation.

%s Item(s) in your Draft - %s%s Item(s) in your Saved Cart - %s
create new draftcreate new saved cart
Draft NameSaved Cart Name
Edit Draft NameEdit Saved Cart Name
Rename DraftRename Saved Cart
Save & New DraftSave & New Saved Cart
Save Draft NameSave Name`
drafts listsaved cart list
My DraftsMy Saved Carts
View My DraftsView My Saved Carts

Renaming Draft in Account Links

Navigate to Zoey Web Theme > Internal Pages > My Account

Click the Account Links in the Header > Edit Account Links Content. Rename My Drafts here.

Do the same in My Dashboard > Edit Account Content, and Quick Links > Edit Account Links


All Translations are Case Sensitive!

Some of the Original phrases above look similar. But pay close attention to the original phrase! It must match what is on your store exactly.


Add your Translation for every Language.

All enabled language packs are found in Web Settings > Translations. Edit each to ensure consistent messaging.