Global Translations Import


This translation importer allows you to import translations for global site elements like your checkout, shopping cart, log-in/forgot password pages and success/error messages.

Translations can be imported manually (one by one) Translating Global Elements
or in bulk using this CSV importer located in Import & Export > Translations


To export your existing translation data please open a ticket with Zoey Support

CreatingYour Import CSV File

The import CSV file only requires 2 columns and NO HEADERS.
Column 1 = Original
Column 2 = Transaltion


NOTE - Original Language is ALWAYS English

Example CSV Translation FileExample CSV Translation File

Example CSV Translation File

Populate CSV File With Translations

You can find the Original Values for Translations in the following tutorials. Copy/Paste the Originals into Column A in your CSV and your custom translation into Column B

Translating your Checkout
Translating Your Login / Forgot Password / Empty Cart Pages
Translating Cookie Notice

Import Translations

Once your file is populated with translations, it's time to import the file.

  • Navigate to Import & Export > Translations
  • Select the language you are translating
  • Select the CSV file from your computer
  • Click Import Translations