Global Translations Import


This translation importer allows you to import translations for global site elements like your checkout, shopping cart, log-in/forgot password pages and success/error messages.

Translations can be imported manually (one by one) Translating Global Elements
or in bulk using this CSV importer located in Import & Export > Translations

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To export your existing translation data please open a ticket with Zoey Support

CreatingYour Import CSV File

The import CSV file only requires 2 columns and NO HEADERS.
Column 1 = Original
Column 2 = Transaltion


NOTE - Original Language is ALWAYS English


Example CSV Translation File

Populate CSV File With Translations

You can find the Original Values for Translations in the following tutorials. Copy/Paste the Originals into Column A in your CSV and your custom translation into Column B

Translating your Checkout
Translating Your Login / Forgot Password / Empty Cart Pages
Translating Cookie Notice

Import Translations

Once your file is populated with translations, it's time to import the file.

  • Navigate to Import & Export > Translations
  • Select the language you are translating
  • Select the CSV file from your computer
  • Click Import Translations