Olark Live Chat

Zoey installation guide for Olark Live Chat using the Zoey Olark App

Step 1 - Sign up for an Olark Live Chat Account

Visit https://www.olark.com and sign-up for a free or paid account. Either is fine!

Step 2 - HTML Setup - Copy

Copy the HTML code from the Olark Set-up screen


Step 3 - Paste the Olark Code into the Zoey Olark App

In your Zoey Admin Panel, navigate to Apps.
If you have not yet added the Olark App, click Browse and add it to your store.
Then click Manage on the app, set Enabled to YES and paste the HTML code where it says Javascript Code


Step 4 - Save and Refresh Your Store

After clicking Save, click Advanced>Refresh Your Store.
Then click View My Store . You should now see the Olark Chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.


Step 5 - Return to Olark and confirm installation

Navigate back to the Olark dashboard and you should see a message stating that the installation was successful.