SPF: Emails Not Going to SPAM

Zoey will send emails to your customers from your specified email address. To ensure these emails do not go to spam, you will need to configure your DNS SPF (TXT) Record

How do I check my SPF Record?

Use the below link to check your SPF Record:

  1. Click the link above
  2. Enter your domain

You will either see a green bar with your full SPF record, or a red "X" and a message that says "No SPF Record found"

Updating Your Existing SPF Record

If you currently have an SPF record (generally found inside a TXT record) configured in your DNS Entry, you will need to change the SPF Record to have: include:mail.gw01.zoeysite.com - see below

NameTypeData (UPDATE)


For example, if you use Office 365, it may look like this:
v=spf1 include:spf.protection.outlook.com include:mail.gw01.zoeysite.com -all

I do not have an SPF Record

If you do not have an SPF Record in your DNS, you will need to add one, however you must be sure to include all services that send email for you. This would include at a minimum your email service (Gmail, Google Business, Office 365 etc...). Please check with those providers what should be added for their SPF record.

When adding the new SPF Record, follow the below settings:

NameTypeData (UPDATE)
SPFTXTv=spf1 [INSERT YOUR EMAIL SERVICE] include:mail.gw01.zoeysite.com -all

Common Email Service SPF Values:

  • Office 356: include:spf.protection.outlook.com
  • Google: include:_spf.google.com
  • Amazon: include:amazonses.com
  • Mailchimp: include:servers.mcsv.net
  • Mailgun: include:mailgun.org
  • Mandrill: include:spf.mandrillapp.com
  • Postmark: include:spf.mtasv.net
  • Salesforce: Include:_spf.salesforce.com
  • Sendgrid: include:sendgrid.net
  • Zendesk: include:mail.zendesk.com
  • Zoho: include:zoho.eu


Zoey at this time does not support DKIM we only support SPF. SPF should be enough to validate DMARC. DMARC validation is against DKIM/SPF.