Troubleshooting CSV Imports

  • If your spreadsheet defines categories for your products, those categories must be created within Zoey before uploading your CSV!

    • The total size of of the CSV file cannot exceed 110MB

    • HTML in your CSV will often return an error or simply skip the product! For CSV imports, use plain text.

    • If you use a Mac, you may need to save the CSV as CSV (Windows) file- your Zoey store will not be able to read the file otherwise.

    • The same is of Smart quotes and apostrophes. If you use smart quotes (the ones that curve in) " rather than the regular or plain text ' (straight up and down) the link will be skipped.
      You can learn more about these here.

    • We highly recommend using Google Sheets as your editor as these have caused the least formatting issues for us and our users.

  • If you are importing data tied to default Config settings, make sure you also update the value in the related column telling to no longer use default Config settings. Otherwise your updated value will not take effect.

Go to Import & Export > Import Products

Once you are alerted the import was successful, refresh your store and view your newly updated Product List.

  • If you are importing descriptions for multiple store views you will need two rows per sku: One for the default description, the other one for the translated description.