Stop Payment Solution from Being Referral Source

Is PayPal or any other Payment Solution being listed as a referral for your transactions in Google Analytics?

Here is how to fix that.

  • Go to your Google Analytics Account
  • Make sure you are using Universal Analytics, if not, turn it on and make sure in Zoey you have that set to Universal Analytics too
  • In Google Analytics: Navigate to Admin > Property Settings > Tracking Info > Referral Exclusion List
  • Add a Referral Exclusion
  • Insert referral domain such as ""
  • You may have this issue with other gateways - the key here is to identify any domain that might be hijacking ecommerce transactions. So if you are seeing anything that has ecommerce credit that you don't think should; add it here.


  • Adjust your session settings. Admin > Property Settings > Tracking Info > Session Settings
    Adjust the session timeout to 45min.
    Set the campaign timeout to 7 dayS
  • Make use of Google URL builder and add parameters to your URLs.

This is not only good practice it saves you tons of time trying to segment out your referral sources in GA. It is especially helpful if you collect acquisition source in your internal reports or logs because you can compare those to GA to ensure you are getting accurate ecommerce numbers from GA.