Selecting and Using Themes. Your store comes with a theme installed by default, but you can add as many themes as you want. You can only have one theme published at any time.

Browse Themes

In Zoey Web > Theme click the "Change / Add Themes" button


Then click "Add New Theme"


Selecting A Theme

When browsing themes you can choose to preview a theme.


From the Preview screen, you can choose to Install Theme. This will allow you to give your theme a name and add it to your store allowing you to edit it before publishing.


Renaming A Theme

You can rename a theme by clicking on the gear icon and choosing "Change Theme Label"


Duplicating A Theme

You can make a copy of a theme by clicking on "Duplicate Theme" from the same menu as "Rename Theme" (see above). The duplicate will remain unpublished until you manually publish it.

Deleting A Theme

You can only delete a theme that is not currently published.