Advanced Product Pricing (Special Price, Group Price, Tier Price)

This article is for Advanced Pricing of Simple Products.


Sale Price

Put your product on sale by entering a Sale Price.


You can set a start and end dates for the sale price, using the calendar icon or by manual entry.

Group Pricing


If you want to offer a certain group of customers a special discount, you can set up Group Pricing. For example, you might have a loyalty program where VIP customers get 10% off products. Customers in this group would get the group price indicated in this field.

Tier (Step) Pricing


Tier pricing lets you offer a quantity discount to all customers, or extend the discount to only select group of customers. The discount appears on both the category list and product detail pages, and can be applied to a specific store view and customer group. On the category list page, the product price includes the words, “As Low As: $110” On the product detail page, the calculated quantity discount appears in a box, with a message that says:

  • Buy 2 for #_. each and save _%
  • Buy 4 for $_. each and save _%

Advanced Pricing On Configurable Products

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