Changing Your Excel CSV Delimiter


If your computer's region is one of the many places which use a comma , as the Decimal Symbol, then saving a CSV file will set a semicolon ; as the List Separator

This causes errors when attempting to import a CSV file into Zoey as it expects the separator (also called delimiter) to be a comma.

If you are from a region or country in which CSV files are separated by semicolons ; you must change the file to comma , delimitation before it can be uploaded to Zoey

How to change your CSV file's delimiter

There are resources online which describe how to change your Excel separators so that a CSV file will be saved with comma delimitation. Change separator when saving Excel file as CSV

Open File > Options > Advanced.
Under Editing options, uncheck the Use system separators check box.


To save CSV files with comma delimitation, set the decimal separator to a period. This will make Excel to use a comma for the List separator (CSV delimiter).

  • Set Decimal separator to comma .
  • Set Thousands separator to period ,


You can then save your file as CSV to import it into Zoey.