Store Credit

Refund to Store Credit or apply Store Credit to a Customer or Account. Store credit can then be used by Sales Reps or Customers to pay for their future orders.

Using a Credit Memo

When creating a Credit Memo, you have the choice to Refund Payment back to the Customer or issue a Store Credit.


A Credit Memo can only be issued against a paid Invoice.

Learn more about Credit Memos here.


Selecting Store Credit will not refund the customer's credit card. The funds will be credited to the Account to be used on future orders by the Customer at checkout, or by the Sales Rep placing an order for the Customer.


Crediting an Account Directly

Store Credit must be enabled on each Account. You can record adjustments to the available credit and see the history of store credit in the Account.

When you edit the balance of Store Credit on an account, comments can be added to the record. These comments and information about their store credit can be emailed to the customer.

How to Apply Store Credit to an Order

The Store Credit will appear in the Subtotal section of the Order. Customers may apply the Store Credit during Order Checkout.


Store Credit can only be applied during initial order submission. After an order is placed, it would need to be edited in order to apply any credit. Editing an order will create a duplicate of the order that has not yet been submitted where you can apply their credit.

Bulk Import Store Credits via CSV

Account Store Credit CSV Headers

Zoey Account1150Enter comments here

Add Store Credits to Accounts using the Accounts Importer.


Customer Store Credit CSV Headers.

[email protected]1150Comments go here.

Add Store Credits to Contacts using the Contacts Importer. This is only possible if you are using Contacts as Accounts.