Gift Cards

Your customers may purchase Gift Cards that can be used exclusively with your online store. Customers can use gift cards for themselves or purchase and send them to friends and loved ones directly from your store.

Add A Gift Card

In your Zoey Admin, navigate to Products > Gift Cards


We offer two different ways to create gift cards:
Creating a gift card product your customers can purchase from your store.

Create A Gift Card

  • Click Create Gift Card.
  • Enter the customer's gift card information, including your customer's email. This card will not appear on any of your product pages.
  • Once you're finished, click Save.
  • Your new gift card will display in Products > Gift Cards, separate from other products.

Edit A Direct Gift Card

  • Visit Products > Gift Cards, and select your gift card.
  • Update your gift card information. You can set the balance on the card, make the card active (or inactive), and leave an internal note about the gift card.
  • When you're done, click Save.

For More on Gift Cards, see Gift Card FAQ

Apply Gift Cards For Taxes And Shipping

To allow your customers to use gift cards to pay for shipping and taxes, you need to enable those settings within your control panel under Set-up.
Navigate to Settings > Tax > Tax Settings and change Include Tax in Giftcard Discount to Yes.


Then go to Zoey Web > Settings > Cart Settings to change Include Shipping in Giftcard Discount > Yes:


Translating Text

Using the Translation Tool ( you can translate the Special Message by using the string below and replacing it with whatever you need

Special Message (0 of %s characters max)

How Do Customers Redeem Gift Cards?

Customers redeem their gift card during checkout using a unique code which they received via email after the gift card was purchased or sent to them. If they do not use the full balance of the card in a single purchase, they can use the remainder later with the same unique code.

Alternatively, you can send a customer a gift card code via email from Products > Gift Cards > Add Gift Card.

What's A Gift Card Product?

A gift card product is sold like any other product in your store. Like products, they can be edited from your inventory.

Clicking Gift Card allows you to send gift card credit directly to a recipient by your customer. This card will not display in your inventory and cannot be directly purchased from your product page.

Can My Customers Enter A Custom Gift Card Value?

Customers purchasing a Gift Card Product can select the amount they desire using options you set up in the Control Panel. If you are sending a Gift Card from the Control Panel, you will be able to set a custom amount without issue.

Do Gift Cards Expire?

Gift cards don't expire. They're available as long as you keep its corresponding code in your store settings

Can I Create Physical Gift Cards And Sell Them Offline?

Yes. However, you will have to manually add a unique gift card code, generated in Zoey, to associate with each card sold in your store.

Can Customers Send Gift Cards As A Gift To Others?

Yes. They can send a gift card to others, along with a special message to the recipient of the gift. Customers are prompted to enter an email recipient for the card before finalizing their checkout.

Can I Import Gift Cards Via CSV?

Sure, gift card products can be added as a CSV product import. However, this only applies to gift card products, not manual gift cards sent directly to customers.

Can A Customer Refill Their Gift Card?

Customers cannot refill their cards at this time. However, you can manually add funds to their code from your gift card settings in Zoey.