Importing State/Status


Accessing Order CSV Imports

The CSV import tool can be accessed from the Import & Export menu.

1. Configuring the Import Tool

Import Behavior

The import type to run. The following operations can be performed:
Change Order State/Status
Update Order Attributes

Order Lookup Column

The field used to retrieve the order. By default, only order_increment_id is available. Order Increment is the Order Number, typically formatted: 100000111

Custom Order Attributes marked as "Is Unique" can also be used.

2. Change Order State/Status

The Order State Status import tool uses a CSV file with three columns in the following format.

There should be one order per row.




The value used to retrieve the order. Before beginning the import, you can choose which field to use by changing the Order Lookup Column value. By default, the order_increment_id field is used. Custom Order Attributes that are marked as "Is Unique" can also be used.


The state of the order.


The status of the order.


State/Status Update Limitations

The step in the overall order workflow that the current order is in. States cannot be moved to lower levels. For example, a Completed order cannot be moved back to New

The status must belong to the state of the order. You can view/add statuses from the Orders > Order Status Settings page.

3. Running the Import

After configuring the import, click Check Data to validate the file contents. Any errors will be displayed and require the file to be re-uploaded after the fixes have been applied.

Once all data has been validated, click Import to start the import.