Orders Report


This report doesn't export your orders, but simply displays information about the orders created or updated within the given time period.

From your control panel go to Reports and click on Manage next to the report you want to run (Orders).

Selecting your Export Data

  1. Select Match Period To to filter by Order Created Date or Order Updated Date
  2. Select Period to set how the report groups your totals. (Day, Month, Year).
  3. Set the From and To date.
  4. Choose the Order Statuses to filter your report by. Can be Any or Specified with each status listed.
  5. Empty Rows will display empty rows in your report if an order did not occur in the set Period.
  6. Show Actual Values will display additional columns, described below.

Generate and Export Report

Click on Show Report in the top right to run the report and display it at the bottom of the page:

Click on the Export button to generate a CSV file - it will automatically be downloaded onto your computer.


Refresh Lifetime Statistics

If you see an incomplete report you need to refresh the lifetime statistics.

Total Ordered Report Columns

PeriodThe Day, Month or Year of Orders being summed.
OrdersThe number of Orders
Sales ItemsThe number of items sold in Orders.
ItemsThe number of items Invoiced.
Sales TotalThe grand total amount ordered in Orders.
RevenueThe total paid - total refunded - tax invoiced - shipping invoiced
ProfitThe total paid - total refunded - tax invoiced - shipping invoiced - total invoiced cost
PaidThe amount paid in the Order and Invoice
PaidThe amount paid in the Order and Invoice
RefundedThe amount refunded on Orders.
Sales TaxThe amount of tax calculated on Orders
TaxThe amount of tax on the Invoice.
Sales ShippingThe shipping amount on the Order.