NetSuite Error Log and Troubleshooting

The NetSuite Error Log is found near the bottom of the NetSuite Integration. You can also find the Sync History there.

The Error Log can be configured to send an email to listed recipients. Each record will include the date of the error, a Code, and a Message. It will sometimes also include Additional Information.

You do not have permissions to set a value for element [element] due to one of the following reasons:

  1. The field is read-only.
  2. An associated feature is disabled.
  3. The field is available either when a record is created or updated, but not in both cases read on.

The main reason a Saved Search may not return a response is that the API requests are timing out before NetSuite is sending Zoey a response. Click the link for more information.

This error can be caused by Products in NetSuite which are set as Inactive.

Review each product sold in the Order that threw this error. Check each product in NetSuite to ensure they are active products.