Order Approval

Account Roles & Permissions allow for an Order Approval process where certain Account/Location Customers must submit an order for approval before they can place the order.

How It Works

For Accounts with multiple users, a role may be created and assigned to specific Customers that prevents them from placing an order (over a certain amount). The Customer will instead be presented in the checkout with a button to submit the order for approval. See Below:


Clicking the button will save the order and email the Account Owner(s) or any Customer on the Account with permission to approve orders. They will be sent a link to review and approve the Order. Once approved, an email is sent to the original Customer with a link to place the order, or the Accoutn Owner may place the order themselves.

Requiring Order Approval

To require order approval, you will need set the permission on an Account Role that the user Can Submit Orders IF:

  • Cart total is less than $[Insert Amount]
  • Month-to-date Order Total is less than $[Insert Amount]

Once the Role is created, you can then go into the Account, select the location, then edit the role on the Location Customer:

Who Can Approve Orders

The Account Owner or Additional Account Customer(s) assigned to a Location/Role with the permission Can Approve Pending Orders will receive an email when the Order is submitted for approval and will be able to view the Pending Orders of anyone in their Account.

Viewing Orders Pending Approval

Orders Pending Approval can be viewed in the Zoey Admin by going to Accounts > Pending Orders.

The Customer may also see their Orders Pending Approval in the My Account section. You can add links to the Pending Orders page in Edit My Design by going to the "My Account" page, clicking Edit on the Account Links, and adding a new link (see below).


Links can also be added to the My Account Quick Links or the Header My Account Links by adding a link and selecting "My Pending Orders", or you can add a link to the footer or anywhere on your website using the URL: /sales/order_pending/history/