Downloadable Products Import

Zoey allows you to import downloadable products with a CSV file. Importing Downloadable Products can be fast and easy, but if your product information does not match the Zoey format, you will need to re-format it.

Importing Steps

  1. Import/Export > Data Flow Profiles
  2. Click on the "Import All Products" profile
  3. Click on "Upload File" on the left
  4. In File 1 click Choose File and select the CSV file
  5. Click on "Save and Continue"
  6. Click on Run Profile
  7. Pick the last entry in the drop down as that will be the file you just uploaded
  8. Click on Run Profile in Popup
  9. Check that the data successfully imported



Downloadable Files imported here can only be linked to external URLs. To upload your own file you will need to manually do it in the Zoey Admin.

A unique value to identify your product. No two products can share the same SKU.
nameThe name of your product. By default this will also define the URL key and cannot be longer than 60 characters.

Name should always be UNIQUE. Having Duplicate Names causes SEO Issues
category_idsID of Categories to link to, Category IDs can be found in Product->Categories or by exporting your categories.
priceThe base price of the product, prior to any sales or discounts.
descriptionA detailed description of your product.
short_descriptionA short description of your product found by the Add to Cart button.
weightWeight of Product
is_in_stockIf this product is in-stock or not

1 = In Stock
0 = Out of Stock
qtyQuantity available to purchase
tax_class_idWhether or not to charge tax for this product

Not Taxable/ None = 0
Taxable = 2
visibilityCatalog, Search, None

Samplemain = Name of Section
|, = is_delete
,, = sample_id
titlechange = Title of File
url = type, leave as URL
,, (always need ,, after url) = Sample URL
1 = short order

Adjust the syntax by removing options depending on what you want to import. See below for definitions:

Linkmain = Name of Section
||1|| = Links can be purchased separately
0 = is delete
,, = link_id( Give blank)
link2 = title
19.00 = Price
1 = is_unlimited
1 = is_shareable
url = link type
,, = link_file ( Blank when you are using url) = link url (it is url)
url = sample type ( is it file or url ?)
,, = sample_file ( Blank when you are using url) = sample url
* 1 = sort order