Downloadable Products Import Template


Downloadable Products can be imported through the standard Product Import.

This import's column headers are listed below. Learn how to use the importer here.

Zoey allows you to import downloadable products with a CSV file. Importing Downloadable Products can be fast and easy, but if your product information does not match the Zoey format, you will need to re-format it.

Downloadable Products Template


Other product information fields can be added to this template.

Such as Customer Group Pricing and Product Restrictions.

D123downloadableDownload 123Download 12301140102180 BooksDictionary12550 Reference BooksSample Dictionary
Thesaurus12550 Thesaurus

The table above contains the required columns for creating a new Downloadable Product through the standard Product Importer. This example has links that can be purchased separately on the 2nd row. It also includes columns for the download links as well as sample files. We have a full guide for this template which you can download below.


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